Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Fine day for Wearing Leather

The Leather Biker Jacket from Asos Curve
Beautiful details
Gorgeous Fit
Incredible comfort

The Tee and Tights
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Leggins - Forever 21+
Boots - Thrift
The Eccentric Edge
Shirt - Thrift
Skirt - New Look Inspire
Tights - Forever 21+
Creepers - Demonia via eBay
The Ladylike Edge
Dress - Alfani
Leggings - Forever 21+
Boots - Thrift

I love this jacket and what a great option it is for assembling good warm-weather outfits. I'm definitely warm-weather bias and I love to layer and wear neck-to-ankle covering ensembles. Not because of body shame or whathaveyou, but because its so many more options, so many more things one can wear without sweating to death. Fall and Winter have always been more about wearing clothes than wearing less clothes. I put together these three looks to show sort of the way I would style this jacket with my clothes now. The weather is getting chillier by the day, people are bundling up, and I am ready to suit up in my cold weather best. Bring on the scarves and gloves and jackets, tis the season!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This week has been sort of a whirlwind. Party last Saturday in Brooklyn, blooming tea, wine, and my reignited passion for Polaroid photography. The first birthday of my brother since he died. A lot has happened! Here's a few pics from my Instagram (follow me @nsq89!!!) that illustrate how my days have passed.

Let the Swirls Unfurl

Call me a sucker for a loud pattern, but the second I shrugged into this silky
collarless beaut, I was a goner. Nevermind the inherently
man-repelling nature of this garment, it is a gem and a prize
Of course, if the top is loud, all else has got to tone down, so I kept it simple
with these super comfy, super awesome fitting denim leggings from H&M
and my trusty men's tassel loafers, also from the thrift store.
I'm always up for a bit of a mad pattern here or there. Comfy and crazy, just how I likes it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whether the Leather is Better

I got this leather look circle skirt from New Look a while ago but haven't been able to wear it. It's all crinkled up from the trip over here in my car but still, it's a bit fetching is it not?
Barring the ashy legs and be-socked feet, the wrinkles and the obvious
haste with which this 'fit has been thrown together, I think it's a
pretty decent look don't you?