Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Flower Kingdom

Unfortunately for all of us, my apartment is experiencing ridiculous Internet problems, thus I must eschew my usual tidy formatting and fancy textual footwork and term to simpler, more barren means if achieving a decent post. So I'm using an app for now >>.

Anyway, here's one of the new ones, never before seen on the Internet, our lovely girly shoot, done to counteract the definite masculinity of the one done prior to it. Vikkys absolutely ethereal looking in this natural setting, with thunder hair and this completely gorgeous dress. Where from? You ask? Why, it's thrift! And a damn good find if you ask me! Pair this bad boy up with a smooth leather jacket and boots and you've got yourself a great 'fit for nearly any situation.

Dress - Thrift
Hair - Thunderhair

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I got the Blues...

...And they all live on my dress! Today was a day for dressing up but not really dressing up. There's a law firm information session going on today where reps from the company will come and talk to us about working at their firm. They're also giving a paid internship and a scholarship so I figured I'd go. The email told us to go completely casual, like...jeans casual, but I'm mistrustful and don't want to be the only poorly dressed fat broad in the room.Thus I banged together this ace in the hole ensemble, combining the best of classier night club-wear and safe-for-business elements (like my trusty black cardigan). Its a pretty simple outfit, I threw on a necklace after taking these pictures to jazz it up a bit. I think I did ok.

Cardigan - Thrift
Dress - Macy's
Boots - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Forever 21

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cray cray for some Chambray

Finally! I bought this dress weeks ago on a mad hunt for a chambray dress to go with my leather jacket and haven't got the gumption to wear the outfit until today. In seeming defiance of yesterday's decidedly Spring themed outfit, today's look seemed smugly rooted in A/W dress sensibilities. Mid-length dress, thick leggings, jacket, and boots say to the world that I'm ready for the wind and the chill, and I'm looking damn decent at it too1

Jacket - Asos Curve
Dress - Woman Within
Leggings - Vince Camuto, thrift
Boots - Thrift

Monday, October 22, 2012

Potatoes in a Jacket

Feeling tropical! It's highly inappropriate for the fall, but today's weather was more in line with balmier climes than with fall's signature chilly edge anyway! Anyways, its a Monday, and if I have to live through it, I'm going to dress like I was on a beach somewhere instead of slogging through text-heavy law books. The tunic is, as I've noted below, from Dorothy Perkins; I talked about it a few months ago in one of my posts about the joy's of capitalism (or something). It's a delicious item of clothing, and, as a plus, its not jersey! This might have proven problematic, but it fits me quite well so win-win! 

The leggings and the jacket are exciting because I bought them at the thrift store. I went to my first Philly thrift store and it was like trying to go to one in Austin, where hipsters young and old have destroyed the true art and enjoyment of the activity. Nowadays, searching for thrift stores brings you to "quirky" "atmospheric" small businesses where they overcharge for "trendy" "cool" looking old stuff they most likely found in larger establishments (like Goodwill or Salvation Army) for miles cheaper. The one I went to on Saturday was just that. I knew the second I stepped in and glanced around the strategically disorganized smorgasbord of stuff, that I would be sorely disappointed this trip. Most of the store was taken up by useless old stuff like VHS and old CDs, the clothes were sparse and awkwardly arranged throughout the shop. The Halloween section they boasted about on their website and in the front of the store was 2 racks of stained or garish items too outlandish to be considered chic even by the trendiest of trendy young people. 

I almost gave up all hope when I lumbered up the rickety steps and was faced with the single tiny rack labeled "plus size" shoved in an awkward corner next to an assortment of too-ugly-to-be-cool ladies' blouses. The majority of the rack was unacceptably damaged, inexplicably small, or just plain terrible, so I left it to take a gander at the room labeled "the vintage room" (which turned out to be a tragedy and a lie). When I returned I think things had been added because immediately I spotted this blazer and ripped it out. Its slightly too large but works well over things and, of course, has this totally amazing leather part of the lapel. As I was about to leave to meet friends, I spotted these pairs of leggings and snatched up all of them (3) as they were EXACTLY what I needed. They're Vince Camuto and are unique because the seam goes down the back in the middle of the thigh. They're the kind of thick almost-pants type of legging thats perfect for the winter, I'm dead happy about them. I definitely won't be going back to that store as it was mostly an overpriced waste of my time, but my thrift journey hasn't ended! I hear tell of a mystical Cave of Secrets-type Goodwill in North Philly that's meant to be phenomenal and I completely plan on going to it soon. Until then!

Blazer - Thrift
Tunic - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Vince Camuto, Thrift

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This fall is all about boots....

In the last two years or so, I have managed to accumulate 8 pairs of boots. To me, that seems like a lot. But you gotta have them, they are so versatile and perfect for fall/winter/spring fashion. My new pair of booties are detailed with gold studs on the ankles. Soooo cute!!

The awesome thing is that you really can wear that with almost anything. Last night, I wear them with a velvet skater dress that I found during one of my thrift shopping trips with Ezi. 

I still want to complete this boot collection with a pair of wedge boots and biker boots. Of course, I want the Winchell from Vincent Camuto because I like to fall in love with shoes that I cannot afford! Maybe Xmas gift for moi?
Anyways, if you goils are looking for some boots/booties for this fall, these are some of my favorites:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Undeniably Universal

What better to pick up a gal's spirits than a good old homage to her one true home? I'm speaking of course about the Universe, where we all live and lay waste. Today was a case of fighting through the Thursday doldrums with the never-waning power of space inspired t-shirts (of which I regretfully only own 2).
Blazer- thrift
Shirt- On The Byas
Boots- Lane Bryant
Leggings- I.N.C

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hipster Fortune Teller

I've got a turban on today because I had absolutely no desire to do anything to my hair and I've been wearing a knit hat for days.
Dress - H&M+
Leggings - Mysterious Origins
Over Knee Boots - F21+
Necklace - F21
Denim Jacket - Thrifted

Sunday, October 14, 2012


When you look at my life through the lens of extremely hipster phone photography shots and seems a lot more free time based than it actually is. This installment of blurting my Instagram life comes courtesy of newly rekindled Polaroid passion, and love of all things photographic in general. I got a bunch of really cool apps for my phone, hence the pictures of my face...which isn't a common thing.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ready for Business

Transactions today has me all sobered down and dressed up for a businesslike affair. I've got on the most basic of basic black dresses, with the tiniest twist at the asymmetrical neckline. It's about two sizes too big so I go ahead and belt it to nip in the waist. Throw on a blazer and you're ready Freddy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glitch Gal Since Pogs and Tamagochis

I always find things to do when I should be going something else. Howya lovelies out there faring on work? Better than me I hope!


The weekend was pretty wild! Drove up for an edm show and hung out with my friends. Met Dada Life...which was pretty cool. Now school is back and my memory keeps slipping and my focus is nearly shot but eh, it's alright I guess. Continuing in my renewed Polaroid obsession, I did a bunch of test shots on my 600 and my 420. They both work beautifully! Now all I need is for my Onestep SX-70 to come in along with that Time Zero film I bought for it. How's everyone else's life going?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Be still my heart: Riding boots for a wide-calf girl

Being a plus size lady with big calves, but "normal" size ankles and knees makes finding tall boots - that is stylish, good quality boots - quite a trail. Right now, riding boots are all the rave and you know, I need them in my life.

I had found my perfect pair of boots, the Vince Camuto Kabo in Rich Cocoa, but as luck would have it, they were not offered for my big calves. I tried to move on and find another pair of riding boots in a cognac color, but no dice. The Kabo had made a lasting impact.

I found the wide calf version at Camuto's website and at Bloomingdale's website. These puppies are a hefty price, $239, for this poor college student. So, again I tried to forget about them, but I could not - I had found THE ONE. Well, I bought them for a sale price of $195 (with free shipping) because sometimes good things happen to broke fashionistas. Ladies and gets, I present to you the perfect pair of riding boots:

Simple, elegant, beaux. Notice the rich cognac color, the tasteful gold buckles, and those darken round toes.  The circumference of these boots according to the VC website is 40.64 cm, or 16 inches. My calves are 15.7 inches and they do fit a bit tight, but comfortable even with jeans. 

Jeans and scarf - F21
blazer and button -thrifted
earings -Kenneth Cole
Ring - asos

If you guys are looking for your perfect pair of boots, I hope these links will lead you to them. Bonne chance mes amis! 

Zappos’s- Check out Etienne Aigner’s Chip Wide- Calf Boot, $189
Simple Be - Legroom Boot Super Curvy Calf 
Lane Bryant - Equestrian Boot in Brown
Wide Widths - Loads of options; more in the pricey side 
DSW - Coconut’s Blakely Boots, Annie Jackie Riding Boots

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well my past week/weekend/day has been pretty exciting! My family came to visit me and we had a grand ole time. Went to Atlantic City for a bit, ate food at this 50's theme restaurant, bought a tv! I got my 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver pen today (SO excited!) and I ate awesome bibimbap for dinner! All in all things are going decently, despite the ridiculous persistant headache. My pills are working, and sleeping with this CPAP isn't half bad. How's everyone's life going recently?

-Also, as always, my instagram is @nsq89 so feel free to folloooowwww!