Saturday, November 17, 2012


These past few weeks have passed in roller coaster fashion, that is, quickly going up and down and twisting around and leaving me weak and nauseous at the end but still somehow ready to go again. I'm balancing on the edge of my first law school finals period so it's about to get all the gray around here, but before that, my life via Instagram

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The advent of a new week, and a new month, can signal begins and endings. For me I'm hoping this new week means ill be ringing a cloud of pure good vibes up from the definite slump of past weeks.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Wool Flyer

As Mistress Sandy withdraws her train of destruction, her wake is marked by a steady succession of much awaited cold days. Though the aftermath of Sandy is gruesome and unfortunate for many, my area of the city remains miraculously unscathed.

After checking the weather on my phone, and rolling my eyeballs over a reading that clocked in at a shocking 20 degrees below previous weeks, I decided to drag out one of my precious and much beloved thrift store gems.

The glorious letterman I've got on was found nestled in a rack of neglected men's coats in a Waco thrift store. The second I spied the buttery leather and forest green wool I was gone. The detail of the jacket is subtle but makes a huge difference in upping the style ante. Emblazoned on the red lining inside is The Wool Flyer, which makes no sense to me but looks nice anyway.

I hope everyone is staying warm and my prayers and wishes to those affected by the storm.

Leggings - I.N.C
Black Camisole - F21+
Chambray Shirt - Thrift
Boots - F21+
Letterman - Gant, via Thrift