Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jonesin' for some Jackets

SO! The Great Jacket Debate of 2012 ended with the resounding bang of big money being dropped on that famed Asos leather jacket. Perspiring brows were wiped, great sighs of relief were heaved, triumph reigned above all!
But that wasn’t the end of it.
No, for where there is a winter, there is a way! A way to battling the chill with cunningly designed and executed outerwear that is, and I’ve thrown together (the first of what might be a series of) examples of stylish cold weather protection.
1 - Country Quilted Jacket - 39.99 GBP
  • Look at this jacket, its a beaut! Aside from the obvious trend appeal in the quilting, you have to take a minute to appreciate the other details that make this jacket really great. I’ve seen plenty of quilted jackets and its really the details that take them from “granny chic” to the kind of classy trendy look I like. This one features awesome shoulder and back patches, subtle matching lining along the bottoms and front, and gold zippers. Cute and relatively inexpensive, up to size UK26
2 - Fairisle Boyfriend Cardi - 26.99 GBP
  • I personally enjoy almost everything boyfriend. I’ve got a pair of shoulders an ox would envy so the relaxed cut and sizing of boyfriend items gives me a respite from the usual constraints of female aimed tailoring. That said, this cardigan appeals to me on more levels than just potential for comfort and good fit, it’s got an extremely cute and on-trend pattern going on. You can waltz out to any winter wonderland and wait for everyone else to get jealous. This also comes in a tribal monochrome for those of us who prefer our blacks and whites
  • Another manifestation of the quilted trend, coming up strong next to the New Look option. Dorothy Perkin’s incarnation comes in Navy instead of cream like the one from New Look. This jacket also has a brown trim but, instead of gold zippers, has brass looking button details and flap pockets. 
4 - PU Sleeve Coat - 125.00
  • This jacket, from Simply Be, has made an appearance on my wishlist already but I just felt the need to bring it back up because it is amazing. At first glance, anyone could think “oh its just a black jacket” but that’s only the first layer. It’s taken being just black to a deeper level of style that has me waxing poetical. The PU sleeves, lapel, and pocket detail send this “plain black jacket” miles up on the style meter. You’ll turn heads strutting around in this number, its got that kind of funk. Flash without being flash, clean and understated but still eyecatching. Difficult to achieve but this jacket does it. 
  • This jacket is the kind of cute and trendy deviation from the usual in trenchcoat fare that never fails to catch my eye. I’m pretty weak to cute and deviant. I like the capelet part of it as well, that differentiates it. Nothing too crazy, but just enough detail to make it distinctive. It’s the kind of jacket you can wear for a long time and be relatively unbothered by the fluctuation of trend. Simply Be has taken a traditional trench and just tweaked it a bit and I think I really like it.
6 - Swing Duffle Coat - 127.73
  • Asos never fails to make amazing an understatement and this jacket is no exception. From the moment I first lay eyes on it, I wanted to Know it and for it to Know me…biblically. No, I kid. But all jokes aside, this jacket is the serious Business. It’s reminiscent of very early childhood spent running through puddles in the full skirt pea-coat type thing your mom always forced you into…or something. Anyway, this jacket has a hood, a full skirt, and cute front details. Black it may be, but boring it is not.
7 - (its also marked as 6 because I am an idiot) Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer - 76.64
  • Boyfriend blazers might be old hat in the Game of Jackets and Coats, but I figured that someone out there might not have glommed on to that particular mode of winter protection yet and might enjoy an option, however expensive this one is. Unlike your usual boyfriend blazer, this one from Asos is shrunken, made to fit just a little more closely to your lady lumps. That might be off putting for some of us, but its actually a good idea to have a good fitted blazer in your outerwear arsenal and this one is pretty darn decent. Simple lines and a suave black on black look make this blazer extremely versatile. Which means you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.
8 - Faux Fur Coat with Contrast Hem - OOS (47.68)
  • When I first saw this, I recoiled. I was like, Asos! What gives!? But the more I looked at it, and with a helpful visual of what it would look like on the body of someone plus size and not a model, the more I came to realize that it was the most beautiful thing ever. Of course the two-tonedness of it is a trendy detail that’s impossible to miss, and let’s not forget to give a nod to the animal friendliness of it’s fake-fur. All in all, its a jacket I wish I could shrug my (considerably expansive) shoulders into this winter. Sadly, it is sold out. Quelle Dommage! Perhaps Asos will put out another fake fur jacket in the near future? Who knows.
9 - Popper Parka - 110.70
  • Last but not least we have this tribute to the rage of military trend that is making its resurgence in lady clothes this season. As far as camo-print outwear goes, I’m all set, and once I stud my bad boy to within an inch of its life, I will be styling on everyone. But this olive colored wonder still calls out to me, despite my (yet unfinished) means to military swag completion. It’s got a hood and the cut of it is cute and flattering. A drawstring at the waist ensures lady lump visibility and the eyecatching metal accents on it are icing on the top. It’s a pretty great parka and rides the line of simple and edgy comfortably. Chuck on some Docs or some destroyed denim to play up the edge or maybe some slim black pants and a neutral colored shirt for the other. Versatility is this jacket’s middle name.
SO there you have it. My spin on these 9 pieces of outdoors wear. Questions? Comments? Style concerns?

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great Jacket Debate of 2012


These are actually pretty giant
Use Asos code BACKTOSCHOOL to get 20% off anything in the store! I used it on these two items and got my total reduced from about 195 to 154! Still a whopper of a price tag for someone whose budget has to stretch to include anything over $20 but totally worth it in the end! I am in love with this jacket and knew I needed to own these earrings the second I spied them on Nicolette Mason's blog a little while back.

I'm happy as a cat that got the glam-bam ear shinies and the badass leather jacket cream. I'll do a review on the products when they get in, but for now I can bask in the glow of materialistic accomplishment.


My Wish List for the Fall
16. This jacket is featured in a couple of the Forever 21+ looks. I hope it comes out soon because my shoulders need it because of reasons.
What’s in your wish list?

Forsooth and Houndstooth!

Shirt - thrifted
shorts - f21
shoes - lane bryant
bag - stolen from my ma
ring - stolen from my ma
skull bracelets - diy, in memoriam
necklace - forever 21
Out for a bit of this and that with Vikky to escape the house a bit.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

OOTD: I'm Such a Stud

Beetlejuice striped leggings - ebay
triangle studded denim shirt - DIY
leopard smoking slippers on my ashy feet - lane bryant
awesome gold casio watch - amazon
red little purse - a gift from my ma

closeup of the stud job taken from my instagram
follow me @nsq89 for some cool stuff
I had seen this shirt on tumblah and it was this awesome studded number in denim and I thought to myself, gurr, you ain't nevah gonna find dat in yo size. And so I ordered some gold cone studs and shook out one of my nice thrifted denim shirts that would button up all the way and went to work. It took a little doing, but I got it done. Wore it to the mall to meet with Vikky. Luckily it was near the end of the day so I didn't burn up...but what am I even saying!? I've lived here so long that I can wear sleeves in 100 degree weather. Philly is gonna be tough!

Internet Window Shopping

It's been a tough few days over here and I thought, you know what you need? A bit of retail therapy! Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't provide much wiggle room in terms of buying out the entire stock of Asos Curve, but that doesn't mean that I can't find joy in looking now does it? And so my wishlists are born!
Already this wishlist has brought me joy. The New Look Skirt, the MAC lipstick, the
 Lane Bryant Boots and the Casio watch are already miiine!
1) Asos Curve Circle Skirt (damn, looks like they sold out?)
14) Gold Casio Watch - 34.00
I know the watch is a repeat but that's because I want the gold on gold watch
as well as the black on gold one I already have
I'm going after the jewelry next since my stock of bling-a-brack is pretty pathetically low. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect plus size leather jacket, but my wallet shrivels and weeps when I bring that up. Ha! Anyway, loads to do today, can't sit around on the internet.