Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A preview of things to come!

Vikky's unusually youthful look this time has a pretty strong contrasting
feel with the other look we shot last night.

What a wonderful time of year, and no, I don't mean Christmas.

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s been a tidal wave of good fortune concerning sales and online shopping. I’ve found myself in the position to help myself to some of the (admittedly slim on some places) pickings this year and have indeed gotten my grubby little hands on anything I could. I’ll do a bit of live modeling of the product when they’ve all, like the Avengers, assembled, but for now, pictures of the goods will have to suffice.
I got this awesome mint clutch. It is giant but really classy looking. I’ve already had compliments on it.
I also picked up these cool PU front leggings which I ordered a size too large so it’s kind of annoying around the waist, but that’s my usual problem. Big ol thighs.

Both of these were on sale and cut down to 70 and 50 percent of their original prices respectively.
Lane Bryant
They’re leopard smoking flats, which I’ve been on the hunt for, for literal ages. I have unfortunate feet in that they’re wide as well as just big so I haven’t been able to find any of these marvels in my size and, of course, the Stubbs and Wooton ones I found just had to be impossibly expensive. These are an excellent gem of trend consciousness in Dorothy Perkins and one I was never expecting to see. I’m dead happy about them.

Dorothy Perkins
I saw this and instantly knew it must be mine. Just look at it. It’s glorious.

The chain and animal theme is dead on with whatever zany trend is going on right now. It’s meant to be quite long but, as I’ve never worn anything from DP (just ordered a few years ago but that was unfortunately lost in the mail) I don’t quite know how their sizing works. I hear only good things about it though and they have some amazing stuff for up to a size 18.
This is a blue orchid print tunic that my heart stopped dead for when I saw it.
I love the mirrored design that keeps this from looking like something a granny would wear. I hope its long enough to wear as a minidress over like, tights or some such thing, I took one look at it and thought it’d be just perfect for that sort of thing.
I’m so excited for all my stuff to be in. I also bought a few things from F21 and Target but those were in-store and the F21 stuff wasn’t on sale (because their sale items in the plus range are almost never anything good here). I’m going to look around a little bit more to see if there’s any other sales I should take advantage of. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

To Do with The Rack Girls

So we're working on what exactly we're gonna have up on this blog, but here's just a small example of the kind of things we like to do. With Vikky as the model, we do outfit shoots to show how we would style certain items, usually thrifted, from her wardrobe. We have a Savers in town we like to frequent and that usually yields a lot of excellent, unique clothes for a fraction of their original prices. It's nothing too incredible, it's not like a Buffalo Exchange or one of the larger thrift places, but it serves its purpose really well, especially if you know what you're looking for. 
Everything Vikky wears in this look is thrifted
except for her jewelry.
We try and do different things with the "shoots" but since she is not a professional model and I am not a professional photographer, it's usually just a bunch of experimentation. You can find most of what we've already done on our tumblr therackgirls.tumblr.com or, if you don't want to go through our whole blog just our The Works page for direct links to our Rack Diving posts and some pictures of our works.

It took us so many shots to get
anywhere near this effect and in the end
this one was the only shot that looked right >>
This underwater shot I called "Memento Mori" and
was one of the few really nice shots we got
from our experiment with the underwater camera

Anyway, that's just a few pictures from the "shoots" we've had over the past few months or so. We'll be trying to do some OOTDs and the like on here too because, after all, it is a style blog dedicated to exploring and expanding our outlook on plus size fashion, and to applying current trends to our wardrobes when straight size stores don't fit and plus size stores don't carry it.

Pussy bow tie front shirt in this lovely green color
found at the thrift store.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello, I'm a Rack Girl and so can you!

My name is Vikky and I am the other half of The Rack Girls.  Thought I would introduce myself to y’all. I’m 23 years old, 5’7, US 14-16 Mexican-American girlie from good ol’ Texas. Like most of us, I have been a chubby girl most of my life. Even when I was smaller (straight size), I thought I was weird-looking and giant. At that time, I did not realized that I wasn’t some freak, that the girls around me were just shorter and smaller. Today, I do love myself and all that jazz, but I still feel marginalized.
I have had a short relationship with fashion, but it is a passionate one. However, it is a constant fucking battle to find things that fit me. Even in plus size clothing, I feel left out; my boobs usually are the ones to blame. Anyways, this is my attempt at being a fashionista while promoting the curvier woman.  
Outside of this lovely blog, I like to go out shopping especially thrifting, cooking with Ezi (our lovely photographer/blogger), and watching kdramas and movies.    I am an audiophile, I cannot go a day without listening to music. I basically listen to the Lana Del Rey Pandora station all day long.

Welcome! Take a seat and enjoy!

Welcome to The Rack Girls

In the spirit of good beginnings, I figured I'd better stick a greeting here! I'm Ezi, one half of the dynamic duo we christened The Rack Girls and one of the owners and writers for this blog. I guess I should say something about myself, other than the obvious "I write for a blog" part. 

I'm 20-something and pretty here-and-there as far as personality goes, but mostly I'm laid back and mild tempered. I like photography and usually I'm the person taking photos rather than being in them because I like to be behind the camera. Uuuuhm, I watch a lot of shows and read loads of books. Recently I'm into Doctor Who (omg David Tenant!) and The IT Crowd (Chris...O...'...Dowd). I'm patiently waiting for Sherlock Series 3 (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AHHHMAAAHGAAAHD)  and a number of other awesome shows to return. Not that I'll have time to really watch a lot of things as I'll be entering law school this August.

As far as style goes, I kind of just go with what I like. I'm really digging this cool goth, lace, leather, baroque thing that's happening this f/w season and I'm particularly infatuated with Balmain, even though I can't even dream of wearing something from there because a-size and b-price. I tend to gravitate towards that extravagant, superluxe look but sometimes I like it really clean and simple with small details that make the look. Not to say that how I dress necessarily reflects my aesthetic preferences. Sometimes I'm too lazy, too tired, too bloated, etc. to wear anything other than leggings and a shirt. That's how real life goes. Anyway, this is getting drawn out and I'm trying to wean myself off of lengthy posts, I'll end with a simple welcome and I hope someone enjoys this blog!