Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to The Rack Girls

In the spirit of good beginnings, I figured I'd better stick a greeting here! I'm Ezi, one half of the dynamic duo we christened The Rack Girls and one of the owners and writers for this blog. I guess I should say something about myself, other than the obvious "I write for a blog" part. 

I'm 20-something and pretty here-and-there as far as personality goes, but mostly I'm laid back and mild tempered. I like photography and usually I'm the person taking photos rather than being in them because I like to be behind the camera. Uuuuhm, I watch a lot of shows and read loads of books. Recently I'm into Doctor Who (omg David Tenant!) and The IT Crowd (Chris...O...'...Dowd). I'm patiently waiting for Sherlock Series 3 (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AHHHMAAAHGAAAHD)  and a number of other awesome shows to return. Not that I'll have time to really watch a lot of things as I'll be entering law school this August.

As far as style goes, I kind of just go with what I like. I'm really digging this cool goth, lace, leather, baroque thing that's happening this f/w season and I'm particularly infatuated with Balmain, even though I can't even dream of wearing something from there because a-size and b-price. I tend to gravitate towards that extravagant, superluxe look but sometimes I like it really clean and simple with small details that make the look. Not to say that how I dress necessarily reflects my aesthetic preferences. Sometimes I'm too lazy, too tired, too bloated, etc. to wear anything other than leggings and a shirt. That's how real life goes. Anyway, this is getting drawn out and I'm trying to wean myself off of lengthy posts, I'll end with a simple welcome and I hope someone enjoys this blog!

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