Sunday, March 24, 2013

In the Middle of a Lonely Night

Good Lawdy Wawdy we've reached the big ONE-OH! That is to say 10. Ten whole Rack Diving posts! It feels like way more! I never thought we'd get much past 3, mostly because I'm a hopeless slacker/procrastinator and never get up on deadlines. So sue me. Anyways, these were taken in the DEAD of a cold cold COLD night, and I'm sorry to poor Vikky who put up with my "vision" and braved the chill of my backyard to do this for me.

We went for a sort of..."nighttime mystique" here, a bad girl in the deep of the night, all by her lonesome, making shadows beautiful. That's our Vik! To accomplish this cool kid look, we paired the famous ASOS leather jacket with a darling little velvet dress in blue that she snatched up from the thrift store. IT IS GORGEOUS and form fitting. Who says you need to spend loads on a velvet dress just to feel like you're back in the 90's/early 00's? Not us!

Jacket: ASOS
Dress: Thrift

Leggings: ASOS

On her legs she's got on the matt leggings, also from ASOS, just to add a bit of texture/warmth to the ensemble. You can do this look with regular leggings though, just to simplify it a bit. To finish it all off, she did some cool dark makeup and slipped on a few eye-catching chains, and voila! The look is complete! Oh, you can't see it, but she's got on some studded booties to tie-in the edgy feel of it all.

Chilly Night. I totally blew that smoke into the frame!

Just like a rock star in leather and velvet, saying to the night that she doesn't give a fig about anything. It's about being young, being beautiful, and having fun! Or so the advert I'd use these for would be trying to sell. In any case, mostly this shoot was about being cold, for both of us =D.

Anyway, as always this has been Rack Diving, and we hope you're all keeping warm and fuzzy, even though winter is supposedly over!

Stay Wonderful!

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