Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We're Bold and We're Bad

The sun was going down and we had to race against it to finish shooting, but the lighting was gorgeous

Lately, and in reaction to the seasonal change, we've all been swaddled up in layers upon layers. In the interest of avoiding frostbite, winter wear tends more towards cover-up than show-out. Now that we've been treated to a few months of ongoing gray skies and bitter chill, I'm sure more than a few of us are ready for the warm breezes and sun-kissed afternoons of Springtime.

A couple of months ago, we shot a bunch of pictures in the dying rays of the sun. Then, when the brilliant marmalade blaze had disappeared behind the horizon, we crept inside the house to do a shoot of a different sort. In honor of the dying winter, and to usher in glorious Spring, we've decided to put that shoot up!

There are only 3 images, but we quite enjoyed them! Anyway, here's to Spring!

Blazer from F21+
Bra from Lane Bryant

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