Friday, August 9, 2013

Miss Carrington Goes Hunting.

Jonesing for cooler climes? Well worry not, The Rack Girls have got started on the job of Fall fashion for this Rack Diving #13. Gird your loins, Winter Is Coming.

A while ago I got into an 80s marvel of a show about shoulder pads, money, and scandal. It was, of course, Dynasty. I never got too far into it, for reasons upon reasons, but the style of 80s wealthy folk never quite left me. And so we fast forward to now times, when me and Vikky sat down to plan our slew of Fall looks. We thought about the American Pastoral trend that's apparently taking over, about that Tommy Hilfiger-esque look, and we came up with what we have here.

We were going for that wealthy, "Fallon Carrington on a hunting trip" look. We thought of well-groomed, well-off young ladies in riding attire but sans jodhpurs, out for a day in the chill of the cooler months.

 The weather was blazing hot when we shot this, but I think Vikky bore the sweltering heat well. Far better than I did, and I wasn't the one in a blazer and boots! I definitely had to take a Disco nap, I felt like I was literally melting in the heat. I have to give it up to Vikky's makeup skills, and spare some admiration for the Chanel foundation she was taking for a spin while we shot these. It did good under pretty sweaty conditions and didn't melt off her face. It's a bit off for taking pictures, because of the SPF, but I think it worked out fine in the end no?

Everything she's wearing, sans the pants and the boots, are thrifted. I love the tweed (?) blazer she's got on, and the button-up shirt came with that awesome little tie.

The boots are Vikky's beloved Vince Camutos, perfect riding boots to complete the look. This outfit is a comfortable and classy way to dress up a little when the cold months hit and layering becomes an essential skill. If it gets warmer indoors, simply remove the blazer.

We hope everyone is spending the last dredges of summer having fun, getting down to business, or just living life. As always, we hope you enjoyed and look forward to serving up the next looks!

Stay savvy!

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