Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Continuing in the trend of naming posts after iconic films of whatever genre, we descend on the newest installation of our style series, Rack Diving #15.

It's official, we've entered the magical but also somewhat awful time of year where the weather just doesn't know what to do with itself. Fondly nicknamed "Sweater Weather", this time of the year is where the warm transitions more forcefully into the nice chill of Autumn. The moniker, of course, refers to the allowance of warmer clothing, most notably, sweaters. And who doesn't love a good one? Unfortunately, since we're just balancing on the cusp of true sweater season, many of us face the issue of what to wear on days that are only bookended by chill but occupied by warmth when we're out and about. Well the answer is pretty simple, actually. We layer!

The art of layering is one easily mastered. An arsenal of cardigans, light jackets, and thinner sweaters can embellish even the must summer-ish of outfits. Grab some in basic colors and knits but also some stand-out statement garments to accent a simple ensemble. Here, Vikky's got on some deceptively simple duds, perfect for daytime activity. 

Her secret in this particular outfit is in the details. Well, Vikky isn't really one for loud clothes in general so really her secret in most outfits is in the details. She's paired a pretty basic pink long-sleeved button up shirt (oversized for maximum versatility) with a simple white cable-knit cardigan. Her outstanding detail here is in the leggings, which are the leather-look Matte Leggings from ASOS Curve. She's also dressed it up a little bit with simple but elegant accessories.

This outfit is pretty easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Vikky opted for a sort of high bun for simplicity, but pretty much any hairstyle will go with this look; it's so simple and very versatile! I have my own variation of this look but with regular leggings and much muuuuch louder accessories (I'm definitely the tackier of the two of us). The colors are pretty bright, for those of us who care about seasonal color appropriateness, but who says the cold months must be all about darker colors? A bit of brightness in an otherwise dull landscape can do a gal some good!

Well that's that! We hope everyone is excited for the onset of Autumn. All the plus size online shops are offering a variety of cold weather clothing and, if the price tags/styles don't suit your needs, there's always hitting up the thrift stores which usually have a pretty decent selection! As always, stay wonderful and remember to stay warm because, in the words of one Ned Stark,

Winter is Coming!

Until we meet again!

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