Sunday, July 20, 2014

All in the Family

Gracing our blog with her presence a third time, here's MC for another sisters shoot!

Though we tried really hard to take pictures in the light, time ran away from us (that, and we were doing a bbq and it was craaazy delicious) and we ended up taking a bunch at night, oops! 

That's all well and good though because these two were good and patient while I worked out the kinks of nighttime photography.

This time around, we hit up our favorite decade (the 90s) for inspiration. MC is obviously killing it in this shiny holographic crop top, which she's paired with (the most amazing) high waisted skinny jeans and her good old black Doc Martens.

Vikky donned my favorite and most beloved "Fenzo" sleeveless sweater top and DIY shorts, and accessorized it all with her glorious mane of newly ombred hair. 

Not all the looks were nighttime however, we did manage to get our rear ends in gear and shoot in the (blinding heat of) day. 

MC's wearing a crop top from F21, some Topshop sandals, and a skirt from a trip to Australia. The sunnies are mine from ebay.

The desert was terribly hot, but our sisters hung in there in defiance of the sun, which was certainly trying its damnedest to chase us back to the merciful cool of indoors. There's Vikky in her own ensemble, which we already showcased in the last post.

That's all for now! Let's hope MC lets us photograph her again! Until next time, stay cool!

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