Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summertime Badness

Under the heat of the desert sun, we sweated and swore but took lots of shots

So we haven't been here in a long (long) time, blame life, laziness, long-distance, what have you, but we're back! And with some pictures along with us.

Vikky has taken a brave leap into previously unexplored lands of hair modification and I really must say that its turned out spectacularly. She suits the ombre quite well don't you think?

The outfit is a matching two piece set from Target, which I am super jealous about not owning myself. Isn't it stunning!? 

It was crazy hot that day and we all escaped inside with mild forms of sun sickness. We shouldn't have gone into the desert without more water but sometimes living 6 inches from the sun makes you take its power a little for granted. Anyway, these are not the last from the most recent set, more on the way, and soon!

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