Saturday, August 11, 2012

Internet Window Shopping

It's been a tough few days over here and I thought, you know what you need? A bit of retail therapy! Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't provide much wiggle room in terms of buying out the entire stock of Asos Curve, but that doesn't mean that I can't find joy in looking now does it? And so my wishlists are born!
Already this wishlist has brought me joy. The New Look Skirt, the MAC lipstick, the
 Lane Bryant Boots and the Casio watch are already miiine!
1) Asos Curve Circle Skirt (damn, looks like they sold out?)
14) Gold Casio Watch - 34.00
I know the watch is a repeat but that's because I want the gold on gold watch
as well as the black on gold one I already have
I'm going after the jewelry next since my stock of bling-a-brack is pretty pathetically low. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect plus size leather jacket, but my wallet shrivels and weeps when I bring that up. Ha! Anyway, loads to do today, can't sit around on the internet.

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