Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Flower Kingdom

Unfortunately for all of us, my apartment is experiencing ridiculous Internet problems, thus I must eschew my usual tidy formatting and fancy textual footwork and term to simpler, more barren means if achieving a decent post. So I'm using an app for now >>.

Anyway, here's one of the new ones, never before seen on the Internet, our lovely girly shoot, done to counteract the definite masculinity of the one done prior to it. Vikkys absolutely ethereal looking in this natural setting, with thunder hair and this completely gorgeous dress. Where from? You ask? Why, it's thrift! And a damn good find if you ask me! Pair this bad boy up with a smooth leather jacket and boots and you've got yourself a great 'fit for nearly any situation.

Dress - Thrift
Hair - Thunderhair

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