Monday, October 22, 2012

Potatoes in a Jacket

Feeling tropical! It's highly inappropriate for the fall, but today's weather was more in line with balmier climes than with fall's signature chilly edge anyway! Anyways, its a Monday, and if I have to live through it, I'm going to dress like I was on a beach somewhere instead of slogging through text-heavy law books. The tunic is, as I've noted below, from Dorothy Perkins; I talked about it a few months ago in one of my posts about the joy's of capitalism (or something). It's a delicious item of clothing, and, as a plus, its not jersey! This might have proven problematic, but it fits me quite well so win-win! 

The leggings and the jacket are exciting because I bought them at the thrift store. I went to my first Philly thrift store and it was like trying to go to one in Austin, where hipsters young and old have destroyed the true art and enjoyment of the activity. Nowadays, searching for thrift stores brings you to "quirky" "atmospheric" small businesses where they overcharge for "trendy" "cool" looking old stuff they most likely found in larger establishments (like Goodwill or Salvation Army) for miles cheaper. The one I went to on Saturday was just that. I knew the second I stepped in and glanced around the strategically disorganized smorgasbord of stuff, that I would be sorely disappointed this trip. Most of the store was taken up by useless old stuff like VHS and old CDs, the clothes were sparse and awkwardly arranged throughout the shop. The Halloween section they boasted about on their website and in the front of the store was 2 racks of stained or garish items too outlandish to be considered chic even by the trendiest of trendy young people. 

I almost gave up all hope when I lumbered up the rickety steps and was faced with the single tiny rack labeled "plus size" shoved in an awkward corner next to an assortment of too-ugly-to-be-cool ladies' blouses. The majority of the rack was unacceptably damaged, inexplicably small, or just plain terrible, so I left it to take a gander at the room labeled "the vintage room" (which turned out to be a tragedy and a lie). When I returned I think things had been added because immediately I spotted this blazer and ripped it out. Its slightly too large but works well over things and, of course, has this totally amazing leather part of the lapel. As I was about to leave to meet friends, I spotted these pairs of leggings and snatched up all of them (3) as they were EXACTLY what I needed. They're Vince Camuto and are unique because the seam goes down the back in the middle of the thigh. They're the kind of thick almost-pants type of legging thats perfect for the winter, I'm dead happy about them. I definitely won't be going back to that store as it was mostly an overpriced waste of my time, but my thrift journey hasn't ended! I hear tell of a mystical Cave of Secrets-type Goodwill in North Philly that's meant to be phenomenal and I completely plan on going to it soon. Until then!

Blazer - Thrift
Tunic - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Vince Camuto, Thrift

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