Friday, October 5, 2012

Be still my heart: Riding boots for a wide-calf girl

Being a plus size lady with big calves, but "normal" size ankles and knees makes finding tall boots - that is stylish, good quality boots - quite a trail. Right now, riding boots are all the rave and you know, I need them in my life.

I had found my perfect pair of boots, the Vince Camuto Kabo in Rich Cocoa, but as luck would have it, they were not offered for my big calves. I tried to move on and find another pair of riding boots in a cognac color, but no dice. The Kabo had made a lasting impact.

I found the wide calf version at Camuto's website and at Bloomingdale's website. These puppies are a hefty price, $239, for this poor college student. So, again I tried to forget about them, but I could not - I had found THE ONE. Well, I bought them for a sale price of $195 (with free shipping) because sometimes good things happen to broke fashionistas. Ladies and gets, I present to you the perfect pair of riding boots:

Simple, elegant, beaux. Notice the rich cognac color, the tasteful gold buckles, and those darken round toes.  The circumference of these boots according to the VC website is 40.64 cm, or 16 inches. My calves are 15.7 inches and they do fit a bit tight, but comfortable even with jeans. 

Jeans and scarf - F21
blazer and button -thrifted
earings -Kenneth Cole
Ring - asos

If you guys are looking for your perfect pair of boots, I hope these links will lead you to them. Bonne chance mes amis! 

Zappos’s- Check out Etienne Aigner’s Chip Wide- Calf Boot, $189
Simple Be - Legroom Boot Super Curvy Calf 
Lane Bryant - Equestrian Boot in Brown
Wide Widths - Loads of options; more in the pricey side 
DSW - Coconut’s Blakely Boots, Annie Jackie Riding Boots

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  1. cute! I used to work at lane bryant and they always have tons of really cute stylish boots